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Your business has a wealth of compelling news that will attract your target audience. Let PR Fire help you get noticed! We provide a clear and reliable process for distributing your press releases, saving you countless hours and enabling you to capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Already have a press release ready to go? Choose our Distribute Only option to upload it to our portal, select your distribution preferences and checkout within minutes.

Need help with writing? Choose our Write & Distribute option to get your press release written for you by our skilled team of journalists who know what makes a good story. You’ll enter your short brief and select distribution preferences now, and we’ll contact you for a phone or Zoom consultation before finalizing your story.

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Why PR Fire

PR Fire makes the process of getting media coverage easy to understand and completely affordable. The clear and upfront costs mean you can get the most mileage for your budget with no nasty surprises or eye-watering PR agency fees.

Free up your own workload so that you can get on with the things that you’re good at. We take care of the legwork that you can’t do, don’t want to do, or simply don’t have the time to do.

Here’s How it Works

Within just a couple of minutes you’ll upload your press release and be ready to share your company news with the world. When journalists publish our clients’ press releases, we know we’re driving a genuine connection with their audiences.
Upload a press release (or we can write it for you)

Selected add-ons guarantee additional coverage

Your story is published and hits the news media
In 3-5 days we pop over your report containing live URL’s
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Press Release Distribution?

With PR Fire, your constant stream of good news and announcements improves your search engine rankings, your reputation, and in time can make you the go-to industry expert. The sales will start to flow towards you.

Guarantee More Coverage

Boost the reach of your press release with extras from just $55! Your story is  guaranteed to appear on the preferred media platforms and networks that you select within your order.

200+ US News Sites

A whopping 200+ links guaranteed on affiliates of FOX, NBC and CBS

Yahoo! News

Make your story official on Yahoo! news and finance sites

Crypto News Network

See you story make waves on top crypto websites

+50 Business Publications

50+ individual business sites are available to you today

Publish Your Story on Yahoo!, USA Today and 200+ US news sites

Profit from the readership and authority our partnered news sites have built over many years. Our network of news sites rank high on Google delivering you quality readers

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Focused Verticals

PR Fire offers an unrivalled press release distribution package for specific industries with a current spotlight on Law and Finance verticals.



PR Fire Founder

Founder of PR Fire Sam Allcock is a highly regarded digital entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in online marketing for some of the World’s biggest brands. These include Red Bull, Nokia, Liverpool FC, Ladbrokes and Travel Supermarket to name a few.

Sam’s digital marketing career started in the early 2000’s. After years of consulting on SEO for major ecommerce brands, in 2007 he founded his own Manchester-based SEO agency which became a million-pound turnover business within 2 years. The business was sold in 2018.

Today Sam brings his expertize to you as a client of PR Fire. This fantastic online platform has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news – let us help your business in the same way today.

Our Clients Get Results

We work with small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations and all
types of businesses to help get them fast, reliable and effective media coverage
Kirsten Bennett
Kirsten BennettLund Bennett Law
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"PR Fire has worked with us over the past 12 months to get our company news out quickly, consistently and without fuss. We trust them to get the most coverage regionally and nationally, and on well-regarded law industry titles. I can't recommend them highly enough"
Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop
The Website App
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"PR Fire was a general pleasure to deal with and we would be happy to produce further work with them."
Casper Schou
Casper Schou
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"Even with the best press release it can be challenging to get the message to the right people. Luckily PR Fire is there to help, and with them we managed to get our news published on several relevant websites. Placing an order is easy and quick and the support team is kind and helpful. We will definitely use PR Fire again in the future!"
Peter Dunbar
Peter Dunbar
Phoenix Arts Club
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"The sure-fire way to have your efforts recognised"
Charles Brecque
Charles Brecque
Legislate Technologies Limited
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"PR Fire is an effective way of distributing your press release cost-effectively. The rewrite service is also a great way for increasing the likelihood of your press release appealing to journalists."

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer same-day distribution for your press release during business hours Monday to Friday. Typically, within just a couple hours of your press release being submitted. We can also embargo your news for future release or schedule your distribution for a certain day upon request. 

If you need us to edit, proof and make improvements to your copy, please allow additional time for this, up to 48 hours. If you opt for the full Write & Distribute package, we’ll arrange for a call between you and the journalist before creating a great press release. We can also send a form if you have limited availability. You’ll need to sign this off via email before we distribute it.

Syndication is when web-based content is re-published by a third-party website. Any digital content can be syndicated, including blog posts, articles, infographics and videos. We syndicate your press release to ensure you get the maximum exposure and publicity, as well as backlinks to your own website, which boosts traffic to your site and helps you reach a wider audience.

Our industry-leading distribution starts at just £95 and this includes targeting local and industry-specific media as well as nationals, as relevant. We also guarantee syndication to Reuters, DowJones, Google News as standard.

Additionally, you can choose to guarantee publishing on a whole range of high-authority news outlets. These include Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Fox News Network (200+ US Sites), Global Banking & Finance, and over 50 other publications. You can select these on a per-publication basis within our user-friendly order form. Meeting your campaign goals has never been easier.

Our team of journalists and distribution experts know where your article will work well. That’s why we create bespoke media lists for every client to ensure we hit the newsdesks of those who will be interested in your news. Your press release could appear in blogs, online magazines or newspapers. It could even be picked up to be broadcast on a radio or TV station.

PR Fire guarantees you coverage on Google News-approved websites with high Domain Authority scores, driving more traffic to your news and increasing your exposure in search rankings. 

Where you’re looking for specific coverage, please get in touch.

Our distribution team can help you select your target audience and create a media list to receive your release.

Industries include Law, Finance, Business, Construction, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Arts & Entertainment, Beauty, Hospitality, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, Marketing, Property, Retail & Wholesale, Science, Sport, Technology, Travel & Tourism, Charity and Education. 

If your desired industry isn’t available in our full list in the online order form, please reach out directly and we will create a list tailored to you.

Our market-leading press release distribution service is Pay-As-You-Go with no subscription charges or contracts. When your press release is ready, you’ll upload it to our user-friendly online portal and select the regions and industries that you wish to target with your news. The basic service is just £95 and includes syndication to Google News, Reuters, Dow Jones and more. We also offer additional options to increase reach and guarantee coverage on a hand-picked range of high-authority news media that you would otherwise be unable to access.

Of course, the more frequently you publish and distribute company news, the better you will perform on search engines online. But you stay in control of your budget and simply order on an as-needed basis. 

For regular orders of over 3 press releases per month we can offer additional savings and benefits within a monthly package based on volume. Please speak to one of our helpful team members to find out more.

For bespoke campaigns we quote based on individual requirements. Get in touch to chat about this.


Within five days of your article being distributed, we’ll send you a full report containing live links, screenshots and reach of your campaign. You’ll also see the Domain Authority of all the website your story was published on.

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score. It predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). A DA score can range from one to one hundred. The higher the score, the more likely the article is to rank.

PR Fire is NOT a PR agency, we specialise in one part of what a PR agency does – which is distributing press releases to achieve the maximum coverage for your news!

We often work alongside clients’ PR agencies to get more media mileage on any given story and – importantly – can guarantee publication on exclusive sites and news databases that your PR agency simply can’t get access to.  

Contacts are everything. As every PR person knows too well, journalist contact lists are notoriously hard to keep updated which leads to undelivered news. This, however, is where we shine! Because PR Fire distributes press releases all day long (to all industries) we’re always in a better position to hit the right inboxes and get your press release in front of the right journalists more successfully. We know the kind of journalists that will be most interested in your story, making our service super efficient and cost-effective. 

PR Fire can perform as your sole press release distribution channel or alternatively act as an additional channel to support existing PR campaigns and investment.  It doesn’t matter if you already have a PR agency sending out your press release. For the insanely low cost, it’s a no-brainer to distribute your press release with PR Fire as well.

Ready to Start Getting Media Coverage?

PR Fire transforms your news story into tangible media coverage. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s powerful.