Press Release: July 07, 2020

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Binging on Netflix (37%), sleeping on the job (25%) and household chores (24%) are what Brits working from home are actually doing instead of their day job!


  • 1 in 10 Brits (9.6%) claim not to miss anything about the office
  • More than a third of Brits are working a lot less in terms of hours now they’re working from home (37%)
  •  3% of Brits admitted “I am not working at all and getting away with it”
  • Over a third of Brits (36%) hail the people the most missed thing about going into work closely followed by small talk (32%) & getting ready in the morning (28%)

Further information can be found here, and graphics can be downloaded for use here.

With 8/10 Brits working from home over a third of those staff members confess they are getting away with working fewer hours then they should be according to a recent survey.

The survey, conducted by business card printing experts, instantprint, asked 1,000 British workers questions about their productivity and motivation levels whilst working from home. The results revealed that over a third of respondents are actually watching Netflix (37%) sleeping mid-shift (25%) and doing housework (24%) in place of work with 3% of respondents claiming to be doing no work at all and getting away with it.


With line managers nowhere to be seen, it would appear the temptation to procrastinate is too great for workers to resist. Here are the top ten things your teammates have self-confessed to getting up to instead of completing work: 

  1. Watch films / Netflix / TV - 36.7%
  2. Nap - 24.8%
  3. Household chores - 24.4%
  4. Walk the dog - 21.6%
  5. Do online surveys - 19.6%
  6. Go outside for a walk - 16.4%
  7. Catch up with friends and family - 11.0%
  8. Run errands (like pop to the shops) - 9.2% 
  9. Cook or bake - 8.8%
  10. Home workouts - 6.0%


Although over a third of brits have admitted to working less, it appears that workers are missing some aspects of their working environment. Here are the top ten things respondents claim to be missing from their workplace:

  1. The people – 36%
  2. Small talk - 32%
  3. Getting ready in the morning - 28%
  4. Having different work and home clothes - 25%
  5. The general office environment - 25%
  6. Moving around more - 21%
  7. General chit chat / human interaction - 19%
  8. That Friday feeling - 17%
  9. Travel time - The walk to the office/to the station (bus or car) - 15%
  10. Having an excuse not to do chores on a lunchtime - 14%

On keeping employees engaged with their workplace, Head of instantprint Jon Constantine-Smith said:

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up lots of challenges for businesses and for lots of people working from home is one of them. A majority of people are working harder than ever but it is clear that some are taking advantage of their employers by doing less than normal or in some cases nothing at all.

Despite our entire office team working remotely, we have managed our people in the same way. We have retained our previous KPIs and maintained nearly all reporting so we are monitoring staff performance closely. We have continued to set our team’s objectives and milestones and discussed them in daily check-ins to ensure everything in on track as well as giving us a forum to discuss challenges and how we can overcome them.”


For any media requests, please contact Craig Wassell on cwassell@instantprint.co.uk or 0191 490 6132


Survey of 1,000 UK workers working from home during the UK lockdown. 

About instantprint

  • In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, instantprint has launched a series of protective products including face visors and pop-up sneeze guards to help keep their small business customers and key workers safe during the outbreak. Their full range can be viewed here.
  • instantprint has recently launched a new print design service to help customers in need fast-turnaround turnaround print. They have also implemented a host of NHS approved safety templates to their site so their small business customers can click and print Covid-19 health and safety signage without the need for design.  
  • instantprint is proud to offer sustainable print services, using only FSC certified paper stocks. The printing company is also ISO certified, and all of their packaging (even the plastic!) is recyclable.
  • instantprint recently announced plans of their 2020 expansion. The printing firm will increase their total footprint by 45% to 147,000 sq. ft paving the way for its continual growth.
  • instantprint recently won the award for  “Best New Member for Email Service” at the 2020 Top 50 Companies for Customer Service awards.
  • instantprint specialises in 24-hour flyers and leaflets, business cards, posters and stationery. Thanks to a recent 3.25m investment, the printing giant is now able to produce and deliver stapled booklets within two working days.

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