All EFL Championship 19-20 logos ranked

Press Release: March 31, 2020

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All EFL Championship 19-20 logos ranked

As the championship season is placed on hold, I thought that now would be a suitable time for something random that no one will probably read but hey ho here we go.

This is my ranking of all of the EFL Championship Badges of the 2019-2020 season. Before you get all worked up and offended, yes I support a Championship team, no I haven't ranked them first. Let's continue.


24th place, Relegated- Barnsley

I just don't like this logo at all. It is over complicated and i'm sorry but what on god's green earth is on top of that shield thing???

23rd, Relegated- Derby

It is just a ram. Nothing else... Is it a ram, i'm not sure? Maybe a bland bull.

22nd, Relegated- Leeds

Contrary to many bandwagon fans, I don't like this logo. It is a bit to cartoony and colorful and the blue and yellow make me think this is a rugby crest. It definitely needs an update because it looks like a logo equivalent of word art on word 1999

21st- Queens Park Rangers

I preferred their old badge. This looks droopy and depressing, much like their recent form.

20th- Fulham

It's just a big FFC on a white and black background. Now looking at it, what does the second F stand for in Fulham? I can think of many which I will not state simply because I want to get paid.

19th- Middlesbrough

I've lost my notes on this one but I can say that the lion looks much like Chelsea's which had its neck fatally snapped in half and turned 180 degrees.

18th- Blackburn

I think that the rose looks a bit like a fire, but whoever drew those leaf veins needs to be fired. Come on, really?

17th- Nottingham Forest

The two stars represent the two European titles won by Forest, but by now it's probably just their ranking on FIFA 21

sorry about that the thing wouldn't render as would none of the other Forest badges but imagine a very 2010 text saying forest followed by two red stars.

16th- Preston North End

All in all, its a good, classic badge but whoever put the letters 'PP' in Bold Arial font needs to reconsider themselves and their life. PP. I wonder what that could stand for...

15th- Cardiff City

I think that the blue, white and red go nicely together along with the very accurately proportioned dragon and bird.

14th- Millwall

The logo itself is rather good but the lion just has no features except for some very faint scribbled lines which I have been told make up the appearance. But everything about the logo except for the lion is a copy paste of Brighton and Hove Albion

13th- Huddersfield

I don't know what the stars stand for, but it looks like it was designed in MS paint. I used to like this logo but now looking back I realise that the dog's face on the top looks like the Lorax. The shield looks pretty neat though

12th- Charlton

Moving into the top half we see the more modern badges. Not one of those is Charlton. It is a nice, simplistic design, I like it. Take 50%

11th- Brentford

Much like Brentford's form over the years, I have a mixed opinion on this one. I liked the old badge, but it was too complex, but now it is too simple but at the same time complex. We have entered the Matrix. Although the bee does look more like a wasp.

10th- Luton Town

Moving into the top 10, we find the wild specimen that is Luton Town. They don't do many logos like these anymore. The hat makes it look like you are about the go play golf while eating truffles from your yacht, but they do seem to be a big fan of bees though. I think the orange and blue go well together, much like the colors of b&m.

9th- Swansea City

Yes, I know we asked for simplistic, but not drawn by a 10 year old in 20 seconds simplistic. It looks like it should be hung in one of those modern art museums while people drink their 'artisan organic vegan instagram bla bla bla' coffee.

8th- Stoke City

I don't know what it is that makes me like this logo. It's just visually appealing to me. Stoke are also very proud to boast 1863 at the bottom, but it could be the record number of pukka pies sold on a matchday, so who knows?

7th- Birmingham City

This logo was picked in a competition back in the 70s. I don't get the globe though. It looks nice but maybe Birmingham City are planning world domination with the likes of Harlee Dean and Jude Bellingham. Who knows? Another fun fact is that when I searched google for 'Birmingham logo png' the first result was a BT Broadband Box. Says alot.

6th, playoffs- Hull City

I really like the tiger design but what pisses me off is that the tiger's ear is white. Did the graphical designer get bored and decide to finish early? 

5th place, playoffs- West Bromwich Albion

Look at that bird. It is a happy bird. You know why? Because the West Bromwich mascot is a boiler. I shit you not, a boiler.

4th place, playoffs- Sheffield Wednesday

This is way, way better than their logo from 5 years ago. Ooh look, a smart owl speaking Latin. According to google translate it is design and thought, which is something the Sheffield Wednesday scouts do not have.

3rd place, playoffs- Wigan Athletic

I like blue and green together. It is a nice mix. Not cyan you daft imbecile, I mean like blue and green next to each other. The tree fits in well, along with a gold crown and two gold footballs

2nd place, promotion- Reading

I have respect for a team that gets little to no atmosphere in their stadium, yet still manages to do well in the league. The Reading logo shows the city's 'Royal present', showing off a crown and a lion. Quite ambitious for a quiet championship side.

1st place, champions- Bristol City

I have realised that most logos with animals are all the same. An animal with intimidating script (cough Sheffield Wednesday), or battle poses (literally every team with the exception of West Bromwich, gotta love the happy bird). Bristol have the most recently changed logo from something that made no sense in correlation with their kit to something that looks genuinely nice. Kudos! First.

That's it. If you can guess my favorite team, put it in the comments with the chance to win nothing.


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