All you need to know about BIG-IP F5 LTM certification

Press Release: March 12, 2021

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All you need to know about BIG-IP F5 LTM certification
The BIG-IP LTM certification belongs to F5 inc., the company that provides services like application security, traffic management, cloud and automation.
The company first came up with its most popular products is Load balancers, but later added other services and products to it. However, LTM that is Local Traffic Manager is one of the load balancers launched by F5.
With time, the quality and quickness in the response to LTM helped it to take a position in the market. Many big and established companies prefer to load balancers offered by F5 and LTM is one of them. 

What is BIG-IP F5 LTM certification?

As mentioned above, the LTM load balancer is famous and capable of managing the servers in the smartest way possible. Its efficiency raised its need and demand in the market. However, without F5 LTM training or hands-on experience, it may not be possible to manage the product.
The BIG-IP F5 LTM certification does the necessity required for the same. The certification exam tests the individual on the grounds of being eligible to implement, manage and troubleshoot the Load balancer LTM for faster and better performance of the application.
The certification validates that the candidate is eligible to manage the requests received by the servers and deliver the command to load balancer for an appropriate distribution functioning. Along with the use of Secure Network Address Translation (SNAT).

What are the examinations for the certification?

The F5 LTM certification has two examinations to be qualified for validating different aspects of the certification course. 
●     Exam 301 A:  BIG-LTM Specialist for Architect, Set up & Deploy. This is the first step of the certification and will be faced firstly. The examination will test the candidate’s knowledge of principles of switching SSL based VPN implementation to symmetric and asymmetric acceleration, integration of BIG-IP LTM into pre-existing networks and new installation. 
●     Exam 301 B: BIG-LTM Specialist for Maintenance and troubleshooting. The second step for the F5 LTM certification title. This examination will test the ability to design, implement, maintain and troubleshoot F5 advanced products in order to amplify the work of the Application Delivery Network.

Is it easy to qualify?

The certification is known for the understanding of complex load balancing and its core concepts. Hence, it does require a lot of understanding of the device and related services. 
The examination tests the candidate on deep concepts which need to be understood before appearing in the examination. 
The candidate can earn knowledge through different sources including recorded videos, workbooks, study materials by F5 or different institutes. Along with this, candidates can also go for the F5 LTM training programme offered by F5 and different private institutes.

What are the career options with BIG-IP F5 LTM certification?

As mentioned earlier, the F5 LTM is a well-known product in the category of the load balancer and used by different national and multinational companies. As this product is responsible for a very crucial part during application performance therefore any issue can cause the crash of servers. Therefore, the companies prefer to hire professionals with F5 LTM trained skills to manage the device sensibly.
Here are some of the job roles which can be grabbed by the certified F5 LTM professional with good salary packages:-
●     Network specialist 
●     Network Engineer
●     System Engineer
●     Network Administrator
●     Network Service Specialist
●     Technical Architect
however, the point to keep in mind is that it is just not the certification, but the skills that will be tested and trusted while applying for the job.

Is there any prerequisite for the BIG-IP F5 LTM certification examination?

Yes, the BIG-IP F5 LTM certification examination has the following prerequisites.
Since there are two different tests to be qualified for the BIG-IP F5 LTM certification, both the tests have different prerequisites.
They are listed below:-
LTM 301A: Valid F5-CA, BIG-IP Certification
LTM 301B: Valid F5-CA, BIG-IP Certification and a valid passing score in exam LTM 301A
If talking about the training courses and self-study prerequisites then,  BIG-IP F5 LTM load balancer training does not have any formal prerequisite but recommended to have some basic knowledge about the application delivery fundamentals and TMOS devices. 

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