ALM Translations enhances service offering with specialised workflow for Life Sciences clients

Press Release: May 21, 2021

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Henley-in-Arden, UK, 21st May 2021: Due to a growth in demand for translation services from clients in the Life Sciences sector, ALM announces specialised workflows to position itself as the go-to agency for organisations in this sector.

What work does ALM do for Life Sciences?

Translations for drugs & medical devices

■     Package and patient information leaflets
■     Labelling
■     Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs)
■     Information for medical practitioners
■     Regulatory correspondence & documentation
■     Batch records for audits

Clinical trials

■     Legal aspects of setting up a clinical trial
■     Clinical trial protocols
■     Patient diaries
■     Investigator’s brochures
■     Communication with Ethics Committees
■     Documents about trial personnel (CVs etc.)
■     Declarations of informed consent
■     Patient information sheets
■     Medical notes for trial participants as part of recording adverse events
■     Clinical trial reports

Director Rachel Coleman has said, “We are proud of the work we do in the Life Sciences sector and are fully committed to providing the best possible solutions for organisations requiring multilingual support.

We focus on three core quality considerations when working in this sector: 


Appropriate register - where some documents are addressing medical personnel and others are addressing the general public, the translation must take the readership into consideration.

■     Documents to be read by medical professionals must use appropriate terminology to ensure information is conveyed as quickly and accurately as possible, with no room for confusion.
■     Documents to be read by the general public must be as clear and simple as possible and not use complex terminology – a low reading ability must be assumed to ensure that everyone can access the information equally.


■     Within the document(s) (make sure instructions don’t lead to confusion by calling the same item “needle” and “syringe”)
■     With international standard templates for drug information

We take several steps to guarantee the highest level of quality in Life Sciences translation, starting with the careful choice of linguists selected for their sector experience, qualifications and work history. 
All linguists are provided with continuous training from ALM by sharing best practices, research techniques and standard documentation. All appropriate reference material is shared at a group level, and following an initial translation, all projects are subject to a detailed review.
As a final step, texts are back-translated and reconciled with the original documents to verify the accuracy of translations. Back translation is a safety feature involving a second translator who translates the completed text back to the original source language to highlight any possible discrepancies. This process allows us to guarantee our work for sensitive applications such as drug leaflets.
Thanks to the support of our fantastic team, we have had the opportunity to significantly increase our specialised resources and look forward to further growth in the life sciences sector.” 

About ALM Translations

ALM Translations is an internationally acclaimed translation and marketing agency with over 20 years experience in delivering multilingual projects. With a reputation for providing consistently accurate and high-quality work, ALM is a trusted partner for some of the largest organisations in the life sciences sector.


Director: Rachel Coleman

Tel: 01564 794828


Address: 5 Ardent Court, William James Way, Henley-in-Arden, B95 5GF

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