Key Features of Top Network Marketing Software for Business Growth

Press Release: March 18, 2021

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Key Features of Top Network Marketing Software for Business Growth
Network marketing software plays a key role in the success of a network marketing business. MLM software is the most powerful tool that can make or break a network marketing business. A top-notch MLM software will become the backbone of your business in no time as the powerful features are capable of handling virtually all the back-office needs, right from new distributor onboarding to scheduling virtual training programs and inventory management to complex pay-out calculations.

But, are all MLM software equally robust and effective? Do all have similar features and functionalities? Well, only the best network marketing software can meet your business requirements and help you become a successful network marketing entrepreneur. 

Must-have Network marketing software features for your growing network marketing business

1. Payment gateways

Businesses over the last decade have seen significant growth owing to the emergence of online payment methods. People world over, including in India, are increasingly using PayPal, credit cards and digital wallets. UPI has emerged as one of the preferred online transaction methods among the masses.

Accepting payments flawlessly from various payment modes from across the country/world is essential for any business, Network marketing business is no different. A top-notch MLM software like Ventforce has integrated the net banking portals of major banks and is also built on PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. With blockchain technology, MLM software protects transactional data and credentials of digital wallets and credit cards. So, with Ventaforce, you are ready to receive payments from across the world through all possible payment methods.

2. E-commerce integration

The impact of e-commerce on network marketing businesses has been unprecedented. Network marketing companies have harnessed the power of e-commerce to improve sales, streamline inventory management, expand the customer base and directly increase revenue.

A powerful network marketing software should be able to offer e-commerce benefits to drive the growth of network marketing businesses as follows:

·         Creates data points on orders, transactions, and inventory
·         Improves the management of delivery information
·         Optimizes transactional overheads
·         Empowers customers and users
·         Recovers corporate data in digital formats

3. Ability to support all MLM plans

Different companies use different MLM plans based on their preferences and locations. For instance, Ventaforce, one of the world’s leading MLM software caters to the needs of all the popular MLM plans in the world, for example:

 ·         BINARY PLAN
·         MATRIX PLAN
·         BOARD PLAN
·         HYBRID PLAN
The team at Ventaforce is well equipped to offer consultancy to its clients based on clients' MLM requirements. The MLM software allows members to view these plans comprehensively, calculate the number of levels and generate downstream reports. 

 4. Support system/ticket system

Customer support is another important element in the field of MLM software. Ventaforce is integrated with a centralized support system that handles tickets, web forums, and phone queries. The system sets the query ticket according to the severity of the query and checks the status. There are also predefined solutions and self-help options that allow users to find solutions for common queries. The support system also includes features such as email notifications, attachments, time spent on tickets, reply and article ratings, spam protection and reports.

 5. E-pin

E-pin is one of the safest methods of transaction. Most MLM organizations choose E-pins to conduct business transactions through e-pin registration. With MLM software, E-pins are generated for a variety of purposes, including online purchases, online registrations, sign-ups, and member renewals. Your MLM software should be able to create e-pins without any manual intervention.

6. E-wallet

E-Wallet is a cloud-based storage medium for holding information on electronic money transactions, avoiding entering user data for each transaction. E-wallets guarantee e-commerce transactions quickly and securely. In the MLM software system, the e-wallet acts as a virtual account, allowing members to transact for the amount available in their account. Ventaforce offers a built-in high-end E-wallet option. 

7. Website replication

Website replication is another important add-on for MLM software. Website replication allows every member to have their own site. This allows each member to have a separate site, which is useful for sales promotion. You, as an entrepreneur, can expect higher sales if your Network marketing software allows website replication for your members as they will feel privileged and motivated to have individual websites.

8. CMS website design

CMS or content management systems are one of the most used web technologies today. In this era of digital marketing, your site needs to be up to date in order to get a good business through the web. To that end, you should regularly update the content and options of your site. CMS functionality offers tremendous ease of updating the website on the go.

9. Multilingual/multicurrency support

If you have operations across the nations, you ought to have multilingual support in your MLM software. This will give wings to your business as more people will be able to communicate in their own languages and join your network.

 Similarly, you will get more business when you choose to transact in the local currency of the country you are operating in. 

 10. Security management

Network marketing business means you have personal records of 100s and 1000s of people. The world has become very sensitive when it comes to data security. There is no way you can conduct your business without being serious about the security of data. Ventaforce is among a very few software that offers army-class, iron-clad security. 

The network framework behind the Ventaforce software is protected by strict protocols:

·         Captcha enabled login
·         IP blocking and tracking
·         Encrypted connection strings
·         Encrypted passwords
·         SQL injection prevention
·         Input sanitization
·         Triple DES encryption of e-pin

This 7-level security model ensures that Ventaforce remains protected against malware attacks, viruses and unauthorized connections.

Which is the Best MLM Software in 2021?:

According to top software discovery platforms such as Digital, GoodFirms, Woofresh, and, Ventaforce is recognized as the best MLM software in 2021. These platforms consider Ventaforce as the best MLM software for multiple reasons, explained further. In the same vein, these reviews also helm Sankalp as the best MLM software development company of 2021.

In all, Ventaforce has 151+ awesome features that are designed to help a Network marketing business grow exponentially. If you are looking for the best networking marketing software for your upcoming business. Please feel free to get in touch with us today by clicking here

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