Kpopping, the largest kpop database in the world, announces its codenamed "Machine Gun Minji" version 5 update.

Press Release: August 01, 2023

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Kpopping, the largest kpop database in the world, announces its codenamed
Fairfield, US. 1st August 2023 -'s v5 update begins rolling out later in August and focuses on the new "guardian" sub-moderator role, overhauling several underused features, increased kpopmart integration for tracking down your favorite Korean merch and more.

Key features of the new sub-moderator include:
At the core of Machine Gun Minji is the commitment to empowering high-level users (with excellent account histories) with more control over their experience on the site

* Add or remove warnings on content
* Reports blackhole users for 12 hours
* Post news under our new "Community" tag
* The "Guard" feature, enabling approvals and edits on "Guarded" content

Concurrently we will also be revamping the discography and other features:
A number of our features are not being used to the extent we would like to see

* Discographies: The new discographies will integrate with the calendar-- no more twitter links.
* Bias battles: This overaggressive and underutilized feature will be transformed into peaceful lists. 
* Music shows, index pages, and music revisions: Simplified layouts and enhancements for improved clarity and usability.
* And more

New community features:
We'll be working on including several new features as well

* Edit previews: See how your changes will look before you commit them to the database.
* User profiles/identity handling improvements: Streamlined design and functionality to better showcase data for user profiles. 
* Public appeals process: Disputed guardian actions can be appealed to the moderators, disputed moderator actions to the admins
* Top contributors and guardians profile panel: Recognizing exceptional members who consistently contribute valuable content to profiles
* Visible logging for users: Taking notes from the larger wiki's feature sets, we will be expanding our logging system

Finally, increased kpopmart integration and some more fun features:
It's time for trophies and merch

1. Kpopping+: Exclusive for premium subscribers, this coveted trophy recognizes long-term dedication and commitment to the community.
2. Ban-haebu Buddy: Successfully reporting harmful content earns users this badge, highlighting their contribution to maintaining kpopping.
3. Master Nim: Achieving 100+ edits for a single idol or group grants this prestigious trophy.
4. Trendsetter: The first person to like a post that ultimately receives 20+ likes will be crowned with this distinctive honor.

We remain committed to collaborating closely with our valued community sponsor and Hanteo gold-member to offer exclusive giveaways to our community. The new update will include new ways to find the merchandise from your favorite kpop idols and groups.

With the launch of 'Machine Gun Minji' version 5, kpopping continues to solidify its position as the ultimate destination for K-pop fans around the world. We look forward to continuing to serve our community and bringing them the latest and greatest in K-pop news and entertainment.


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