New Release of iSmartRecruit 22.7

Press Release: July 21, 2020

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New Release of iSmartRecruit 22.7




In this release, we launched some new features and also improved the existing functionalities of the system, especially the UI/UX of the system. Also, we try to make UI/UX more consistent across the application.


Here are the points showing the new features and enhancements in this release.


Store the eCopy of Important Documents

Looking at the significance of storing e-copy of important documents, we have provided a feature in this release. You may add/edit/delete the files with type Visa, Work Permit, Entry Pass, Contract, Experience Letter, Passport, Unique Identity No., etc. It’s not limited to the stated types. You may customize it on your own as per your requirement.


You may also add the expiry date of the document and get an email as well as a system notification on the inserted date before its expiration.

You can find the newly added tab ‘Files’ into the Candidate, Job, Client, Lead, and Vendor. Candidate View Dialog Box

Navigation Link:


Import Job Description from Files


Earlier we provided the option to import the Job Description from a template that is added to the system which will be directly added into the description field but from this release, we have added the feature to auto-extract and fill the respective detail from the added file containing Job Description while adding new Job.


While adding candidates, we have provided the facility to extract and fill the data directly from the added resume in previous releases. Similarly, while adding a Job user may get a Job Title, Skills, Location, Required Qualification, and Experience from an added Job Description file.


Integration with XING

XING is your personal career companion which is primarily focused on the German-speaking market. It used to add new professional contacts and discover exciting jobs, events, news, and groups.


As we are extracting information of the Candidate and Contact for Lead and Client from LinkedIn to the system, similarly we can extract Candidate’s Name, Photo, Location, Experience, Current Employer, Current Designation, Skills into the system with Chrome Extension.


Xing Profile Fetching

For fetching the profiles from XING, you need to first have an account with XING and then you need to have installed the Chrome Extension on your Chrome browser. Please follow the steps further as below:



Open a profile in XING.



Click on to the iSmart icon, which was installed by you on your Chrome browser.



For the first time, you need to add the User Id, which was provided by the support team to login into the system.



After adding the username you need to enter the password.


Once you have successfully added the Username and Password, you will get the following dialog box. Where you can get the Candidate selected by default and other options like Clients & Leads as well.


For importing the Candidates into the system, you need to Client on to the Import Profile.



You will get a successful message on importing the Profile into the system.


You can see that profile in the system in Candidates Screen and you also get to know who has imported the profile into the system.


Reordering Fields while Form Customization

Earlier there was a separate option to reorder added customized fields under the specific section. In this release, we have made it more convenient by providing the feature to reorder the fields with Drag and drop features in the screen itself. This feature is added for Candidate, Job, and Client Form Customisation.


Accessible Footer with Required Operation

As a part of enhancement into the usage of the system, from this release, you will get the fixed footer into the key screens of the system containing easy-access buttons to perform an operation on the respective screen. It will reduce your navigation time and efforts while performing day to day tasks. The buttons will be accessible in the footer by identifying the possible needs of users.


Button Colours & Positioning

To make the system more user friendly, we used standard color codes to perform the operations. Also, we keep the most frequent options on the right side as per the latest UI/UX standard guideline.


On many screens, we have less frequently used actions visible outside so we now pack them in more action options.


Change in Notes view Dialog Box

You may feel the change in the look of the View Dialog Box of the Note. Notes are added for the Clients, Candidates, Jobs, Vendors, Leads, Client Contacts, & Leads Contacts into the system.



Grid & List view options

Earlier, the icons were not much attractive in the screens, but now you can easily make out the icons that are meant for Grid View & List view.


Grid View for Job Screen

Earlier in the Grid view, you were not able to get the search option, but now you get a filter icon that enables the Global Search option on the top.


Note: Similarly, We have Grid & List View for the Leads & Vendor also into the system.


Active/All options

Earlier, we were having the option of Show All Jobs into the system. Now you will directly get the buttons of ‘Show Actie & Show All’, Jobs


Edit and Delete Options in Dialog Box

Earlier, you were able to view the information of Notes and Tasks on the Candidate, Job, Client, Lead and Vendor View dialog box. Now you can even edit the Notes and Tasks from the View dialog box itself.


Setup of Self Service Portals & Chatbot options

We have added three new options into the system, where you can request to Set-up Candidate Self-Service Portal, Client Self-Service Portal and Chatbot feature on your website.


Go to Left-hand side corner - Admin Menu Navigation Link:



Candidate Self Service Portal

Now you can directly request to our team, to integrate the Candidate Self-Service Portal on your website.


Client Self Service Portal

Now you can directly request our team, to integrate the Client Self-Service Portal on your website.



Now you can directly request our team to integrate the Chatbot feature on your website. Navigation Link:


Pie Chart - Added legends

Earlier, we are not showing the legends near the Pie Charts, but now you can very well see the Legends wherever there are Pie Charts mentioned to show the colors indicates what.


Help Center

Earlier, we were showing the Help Center with Cheat Sheets and Videos option and now we have enhanced the Help Center part.


French Language Support

As you are aware that, iSmartRecruit is in three different languages like English, Spanish & Japanese. We have added a French language option.


German Language Support

As you are aware that, iSmartRecruit is in three different languages like English, Spanish & Japanese. We have added a German language option.


Click on Personal Setting - Setting - Profile Setting - Select Default Locale - German 


Pipeline - Select/Unselect Filter Option

A pipeline is a great place where you can track all the candidates under different stages of the hiring workflow. In the earlier approach, you were able to click on a particular cound and respective data gets filtered in the below result grid. There was no option to revert your action to see all the records again.


In the new release, you can see the right mark on the box which you selected as a filter. If you select it a second time, the selected filter will be unselected and all the records will be displayed in the table.


Job Dialog -  Select/Unselect Filter Option

Same as above, you can even filter and unfiltered candidate lists in the job dialog.


Lead - Select/Unselect Filter Option

Same as above, you can even filter and unfilter leads lists.


Onboarding-  - Select/Unselect Filter Option

Same as above, you can even filter and unfilter onboarding candidates list. Navigation Link:


Setup Checklist

We have an enhanced setup checklist widget on the dashboard. Now pending actions and percentage of completion with easy visuals.


Notification - Link provided for easy navigation

Now hyperlink will be displayed on the Client Name, Job Name, and Lead Name hence easy respective dialog can be opened from the notification message.


Our support team will be happy to help in case you need any assistance to know in detail or any query about the release updates. Please contact chat support or write us on

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