Peerbits announces dedicated developers for hire: Extend your development team with Peerbits

Press Release: November 12, 2020

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Peerbits announces dedicated developers for hire: Extend your development team with Peerbits

Peerbits announces its dedicated developers for hire. Now enterprises around the world can extend their dedicated development team by hiring our extremely experienced, skilled, and trained dedicated developers from Peerbits.

Peerbits makes the announcement of putting their dedicated developers for hire. Peerbits is a leading software development company. They have a pool of extremely talented and experienced dedicated developers. These dedicated developers have reputed history of delivering top-notch IT solutions to their clients. 



Now, any enterprise, startup, or IT company can leverage the expertise of these dedicated developers by hiring them. Any enterprise across the world can develop top-notch solutions by extending its workforce by hiring dedicated developers from Peerbits.

“Software development has become a costly affair in regions like the United States and Europe. The hourly development rates of IT development companies and the freelance developers are so high that it becomes next to impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to even hire them. 

Keeping this in mind, we have decided to offer our dedicated developers at budget-friendly rates so that every enterprise irrespective of their budget can finally develop their customized solutions.” said Shahid Mansuri, Co-founder, Peerbits.

“Hiring dedicated developers have become more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, almost every IT company is working from home. Many companies are struggling to cope up with this new normal and are unable to complete their objectives due to reasons like non-availability of resources and infrastructure. This is where Peerbits steps in. We offer our dedicated developers who can help these companies to achieve all their targets in time.” added Nasrullah Patel, Co-Founder, Peerbits.

There are many factors which make Peerbits the best offshore development company. But the biggest of them all is the range of services that it provides. Let’s have a look at these services one by one.

Team extension

IT companies can rapidly upscale their software capabilities by hiring our experienced professionals such as dedicated developers, scrum masters, business analyst, and QA specialists who can empower IT companies to develop complex software solutions

Product engineering

Peerbits has become a leading offshore software development company as it has dedicated developers with vast experience and varied skillsets who operate on an efficient and streamlined dedicated working process.

Mobile application development

Hire our highly experienced remote developers who can develop customized mobile applications as per your client’s requirement, timeline, and budget.

DevOps consulting services

Peerbits is the on top of the list when it comes to delivering top-grade DevOps services. You can hire the best-dedicated developers from Peerbits for DevOps Consulting Services.

Managed IT services

Peerbits is everyone’s first choice when it comes to managed IT services. We offer top-notch infrastructure management, cloud management, managed applications, and end-user management services.

Why you must hire our dedicated developers

There are many reasons as to why you must hire our dedicated developers. Let’s have a look at the few of them.


Hiring our dedicated developers for your projects can result in costs cut by up to 70%. If you’re in the US or Europe, then you can hire our dedicated developer whose rates would be much lower to their US and European counterpart. Hiring our offshore developers offer you quality service at very affordable rates.

Access to specialized talent

Hiring our offshore developers eliminate the hassles of finding the right talent for cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and many more. You’re no longer restricted to hire specialized developers in your region who might be rare and costly. Instead, you can hire our specialized talents for any technology from and that too at budget-friendly rates.

Allows you to focus on core tasks

Our offshore development teams are well-versed in taking up all the responsibilities of your development activities as we have our own project managers, developers, and designers. This enables you to focus on core areas of your business such as sales, marketing, and business expansion.

Faster turnaround time

Another major advantage of our dedicated developers is that we offer consistent turnaround times. Due to the time differences, we work when you’re sleeping. Furthermore, with a distributed team model, we can keep someone awake to work on your project for 24x7.

Scale your business with ease

Scaling business through expanding your in-house team will only increase the overall cost of your business. Our offshore development company offers a cost-efficient scaling alternative where you can scale your business as per your requirements. Our dedicated development team offers you with professionals that will guide to invest in the best technology which will help you to improve your engagement and marketing strategies which will ultimately result in giving you a competitive edge. 

Moreover, you can ask us for additional developers at any time for meeting your needs and you will have it within hours. Our offshore development company creates a healthy environment for your enterprise which is continuously growing and improving.

About Peerbits

Peerbits is a leading offshore development company based in India. It has a pool of highly experienced dedicated developers. Peerbits has a reputed and proven history of delivering over 600 customized software solutions to more than 300 clients in the span of 10 years.

Peerbits has a global presence in countries like the US, India, Dubai, UAE, Colombia, Germany, Oman, and Brazil. Peerbits aims to offer excellent services by delivering cost-efficient and top-notch solutions to startups and enterprises across the globe.

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