Resilience In the Criminal Justice System: Accredited Training for Professsionals

Press Release: June 24, 2014

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Did you know stress is contagious? BOOK NOW and learn bespoke skills to deal with secondary trauma through resilience and mindfulness
Wednesday 2nd July 2014 10:00am to 4:30pm
Garden Court Chambers, 57-60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LJ
Alarming new evidence teaches that stress is contaminating our every environment, from our work places to our immune systems**

Take advantage of the last few days to book our bespoke training at Garden Court Chambers in London on 2nd July 2014, for those who work with traumatised communities.

This intensive workshop is designed for all those who come into contact with the criminal justice system, as practitioners in probation services, domestic violence advocates, solicitors, advocates or barristers and front line counsellors.

Last few spaces remaining; take advantage of our Stress Buster Rate now!
Adapting a Relational Approach and Resilience: a Key Tool for improving Self-Worth and Confidence

This is a day long workshop looking at how trauma impacts us in our everyday lives and adapting a personal toolkit to identify and manage its symptoms

Confirmed to Speak:
Annell Smith - Criminal Justice Specialist
Innovative and visionary leader with justice sector expertise. Her extensive experience encompasses public sector, central government, consultancy, inter-governmental organisations and academia. She has led operational delivery and implementation of women's strategy at London Probation Trust's Women Centre.

Flo Krause - Leading Human Rights Barrister
Her compassionate, common sense attitude and her service to her clients who are amongst society's outcasts, make her a valued advocate and much admired opponent in the High Court. Flo also delivers training seminars on advocacy and other legal topics as well as seminars on trauma and attachment.

Farah Damji - Former Offender, now Campaigner for Women's Rights
Now a advocate for social justice, she will deliver the compassion and mindfulness section of the training, accredited by ASDAN. Farah founded Kazuri Properties CiC after being released in 2007 and finding existing services didn't have boxes that suited the shape of her tick - so she created her own4

We will explore issues such as protected characteristics, ethnicity, class and social standing, from a gender sensitive, trauma informed approach
We look at why women who commit crimes are often the same women who have suffered extreme violence and become both perpetrators and victims of appalling crimes.

We explore key skills that make us more resilient:
Visioning skills that strengthen our sense of purpose by helping us see, and then head for, the outcomes that attract us
Creative problem-solving skills that help us find a path through the obstacles in the way
Positive relationship skills that enhance our ability to find allies and draw in the support we need
Emotional intelligence skills that raise our capacity to work with our emotions, so that we can benefit from the guiding signals and energy they offer.
The day will involve a mix of presentation, storytelling, guided exercises and group discussion. The goal is to increase each participant's ability to draw upon the resilience they need in their lives.

For Booking Details: see

Lunch and refreshments are included. Please notify us if you have specific dietary requirements.
For more information please contact us: or call 07707530760

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