Press Release: August 19, 2020

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Boxes are of very types, but rigid boxes are the most commonly used product in the market. Generally, rigid packaging used as a luxury product, because of its weight, size and strength. It is usually thicker than normal boxes and cannot print directly.

Instead, they wrapped with paper which can be plain or luxurious. You can guess by its name rigid, which means it is sturdy and has good strength. For example, mobile phones packed in rigid boxes, and like shoe boxes, they also wrapped in rigid boxes. Rigid packaging widely used in the packaging industry.

How Rigid boxes made?

In manufacturing, boxes are made by both processes by hand or by machines depending upon the product requirement. Chipboard is a sheet which is the colour of a newspaper and which is used. Scoring and Cutting die cut the chipboard in the desired size and shape. These sheets can be glued or taped to join them.

Generally, the wrap used to adhere both sides with glue. These wrapped papers are of different fabrics, texture and colour. These wraps can easily be loosening and tightly wrapped around the box. In previous times rigid boxes were made with hand, but now they are made with the help of machines. Handmade boxes are expensive and luxurious.

Types of Rigid Boxes

Commonly it consists of two parts: a lid and base. The size and shapes are varying greatly, such as square, rectangular, circular, triangular, v-shaped etc.

  •        Telescope Lid Rigid Boxes

The lids that cover the whole base are telescope lid boxes. And those lids cover half base are partial telescope.


  •        Hinged Lids Boxes

This type of box lid is attached permanently by using force or with magnet strip and ribbon. These boxes are for frequent use, and products can easily be stored in it.

What Rigid Packaging Box Offers you?


Custom Rigid boxes offer you to customize your boxes as per your need freely. It provides all, whether it's inserts, material colours etc. Rigid boxes have numerous benefits, but it proves costly on your pocket. These boxes offer safety and protection to your product from any external harm.

Besides, providing safety and protection also provides an appealing look for your product. And it helps your brand in making their presence in the market. These luxurious boxes are derivative of pre-cut boxes.

The usage of Custom Rigid boxes


  • Gift boxes- rigid gift boxes are generally used for gifting expensive items. Such as jewellery, watches, phones and many more.
  • Storage boxes- rigid boxes can also use as storage boxes
  • Candy boxes- Moreover, they can also use in rigid candy boxes to keep candies safe from any harm.

Besides all these, they also used for many other products as well as rigid chocolate boxes, product presentation boxes and many more.

Styles of Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes come in different styles and shapes or as per customers product demand or according to customers specification.

  1.                  Magnetic Closing Lid

What is the trend of online packaging?

Rigid boxes with magnetic closing lid with elegant design and sophisticated finished giving an outstanding experience to their customers.

A delicate, luxury rigid box must-have solution for every kind of business. You can customize them with many options to make your product box appealing.


  1.                Foldable magnetic Rigid boxes

Nowadays foldable magnetic boxes are getting more popular as compared other magnetic boxes. Foldable boxes are more reliable and beneficial for import companies.

Why you need customized Rigid boxes

In industry, competition is getting through day by day. Every company wants their product to stand out in the market. But to do that you have to do something unique from other brands. If you want a premium packaging box, then the rigid box is the best option for your brand.

Customers always like things which attract them at first sight. And if you want that so, your box must be appealing and alluring so that it can engage more customers. Furthermore, within a few months, your brand name is known by everyone in the market.

  •        Features of customization

Customization is the key factor for every brand making because everything is advanced by each day. And if you want to convince customers, then you have to do something different from the rest of the companies.


Therefore, in customization, you have options to choose your material, colours and other things which make your box more appealing.  


  •        Colors

Colours are one of those things without it; nothing can become appealing. Pleasing colours engage more customers than simple boxes. Unique ideas easily attract patrons. In the packaging industry, the colour system is used for printing.


And these colour systems are CMYK and PMS both have millions of colour combinations in them. But PMS have more variety of colour in them. Moreover, PMS grey and black tones help colour blind peoples.

  •        Add-ons

Add-ons also help your brand to separate from the rest, and you have many options in customization. You can have different styles of boxes in them such as a die-cut window, PVC sheet, and many more like these boxes.

However, you also have different types of coatings for your box's outer look. For example, if you want a shiny surface, then a gloss finish is use and if you wish to have a dull surface matte coating is best.

And to make your boxes logo in 3D then spot UV, raised ink and embossing like add-ons are used.


In conclusion, many companies provide white rigid boxes at a very economical price in the packaging industry. But if you're looking for a company which is providing these services in good quality and cheap rates, then Packaging Bee is the best option amongst all.








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