Student Health Guide

Press Release: March 23, 2021

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Student Health Guide
“Are you ready for the test?”

“Tomorrow is the last date to submit the assignment. You must complete it today!”

“I am not ready for the exam yet, will have to study late night!” 

 If you are a student then these sentences are the most common for you. You must have heard and said these phrases somewhere in your academic life. I can understand you right! 

Being a college student is not easy! It can make you stressful and you have to deal with a hectic schedule. Committing yourself to a lot of things can also make you occupied. Here, the things take a big turn and the student becomes a patient of insomnia. 

Staying up too late, drinking too much, ending up having junk couple of times in a month, and snacking out with friends every weekend, this is definitely fun but only to a limit because this is extremely unhealthy! 

-A recent report reflected that up to 57.5% of students experience huge stress along with academics, finances, and sleep problems. This causes difficulties for the learning stage in future. 

Been there, done that! 


While being in the young age, we usually neglect the intake of nutrients. Apart from healthy diet, we also neglect exercise, yoga, and other mind relaxation techniques that could help us to stay efficient and healthy. 

The health concerns keep on getting higher with the increasing academic levels. Students start facing lack of sleep and adopt poor eating habits. Furthermore, they also become victim of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Here mental health can also be seen at a little risk as the students get highly disturbed and panicked which ends up in shaking up their healthy diet routines. 

The students of college are more petrified due to the exams and their academic results and in order to maintain good grades within a hectic schedule, the overlook their health and this leads to an unhealthy life routine that continues even in the professional life as well. 

To avoid being bombarded with the so many assignments at the same time, students prefer to go with best assignment writing service in order to gain excellent marks. 

If you are a college student, these concerns may sound familiar to you. I agree, student life is a lot hectic and stressful and it becomes so hard to be efficient with the management of time and other things. 


When the students stay up late at night, keep on eating junks, their health is definitely at a risk. However to live a successful and happy life, it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle no matter how hard it gets to manage the stuff. 

Hear me out, I have compiled a comprehensive guide for the students that shows how the students must adopt healthy lifestyle. This would further help the students to stay away from stress and anxiety. 

Let’s get down into the study. 

Say a big NO to the cafeteria food and drinks:

Saying a big NO to the cafeteria foods and drinks is highly important while being in university 5 days in a week. Make sure that you are not spending your money for the snacks from vending machine. In the same way, also try to avoid fried and sugary items. 

Here, you must have to take care of your intake and its proportion. Once in a month, it is acceptable to eat junk with your friends outside but this is not good every week. Get your hands over nuts and 

Get good 8 hours sleep:

Getting a healthy 8 hours sleep is very important for the health at every stage. Sometimes the assignments make the students occupied and they need to take the help of thesis writing services UK to complete so many tasks at the same time. 

Here comes the management skill into the play. You must be very keen with the sleep routine and should avoid staying late up at night no matter how important it is. This will also help you to revise your resting and sleep time. 

Take some time out for exercise and yoga:

Exercise and yoga plays a crucial role in the life of student at such a young age. You must take out some time to do exercise and yoga as this is highly essential to stay active or else you would become so lazy. 

Get a little early from the time of university or college and have a good hour of yoga and exercise. Jogging is also a recommended way to start your day with some healthy moves. Make sure to have milk and egg in your diet daily. 

Stay happy and positive:

Staying happy is the key to success. You need to cut out the toxic people from your life to prevent negativity or else it will overshadow your achievements. This is also an important step towards the betterment of mental health. 

Spreading positivity can help you to think about every situation in a positive way. You will also feel enthusiastic to do your tasks with devotion. 

Have a nice and uplifting social circle:

Having uplifting and encouraging social circle is so important for your mental health. You must look around for better and kind people who can help you to reach your goals and do not behave as a critic.

In this way, you would be able to focus on your studies and happiness as well that will indirectly support your mental and physical health. 

Manage your study hours:

Manage your study hours to the optimum level. You need to set your constant alarms that could remind you to complete your tasks on time. Also, creation of an outline for the work and setting up of study hours can come handy over here. 

Make sure to follow the study hours to avoid the hassle at the eleventh hour. You would also be able to manage different tasks at the same time that will save you from tension and depression in the future. 

Organize your schedule:

Organize your schedule from top to bottom and make a chart to follow for your diet as well. Sticking to your schedule and healthy diets for a longer time will help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Do not adopt unhealthy lifestyle and diet in your younger age or else it will get hazardous for your professional future life as you will gain so much unhealthy weight. 

Read books and listen to music:

Listening to the music and reading books can help you to maintain a happy, successful, and positive attitude towards academic life. Books are going to be your best friend in your academic life so make sure to hold on to them tightly so you won’t be indulging in any unhealthy activity. 

Listening to calming and focusing music is also a good habit to adopt during the academic years. Get your hands free in your ears and leave for a long walk or jogging. Stay active and happy! 


Student life is not a piece of cake neither a hard nut to crack. You just have to be a little smart and proficient to complete every task right on time and this is only possible when you would take care of your health. This definitive student health guide would surely help you to adopt healthy lifestyle for the future!

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