Stylish, Versatile and Cosy - 4 Fabric Weaves for Interior Designers and Decorators in the UK

Press Release: October 28, 2021

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Stylish, Versatile and Cosy - 4 Fabric Weaves for Interior Designers and Decorators in the UK
Leading global textile company Bedsure highlights four fabric weaves for creating a cosy, stylish and adaptable home life.
Fabric plays a crucial role for interior designers, decorators and homemakers. According to Acampora Interiors, 'From sheets and bath linens to upholstery and drapes, fabric plays a central role in interior design.' In sum, ‘Fabrics are a cornerstone of interior design” and the “right selections are essential to good, timeless design.' In addition to important aspects like colour and texture, another key aspect of fabrics for interior designers and decorators is fabric weave.
Adding another layer of complexity to the equation is understanding the type of weave you’re working with as well. Different weaves within a family of fabric have different properties, which means that not all types of a certain fabric may be suited for the same task. - Acampora Interiors
Bedsure introduces four fabric weaves and summarizes the key features and benefits of each. 

Basket Weave: Bedsure Bedspread
A basket weave is similar to a plain weave in that waft (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads are crisscrossed in an over and under sequence, yet there are two or more yarns combined and woven as one. This creates a more textured fabric that greater emphasizes the checkerboard pattern of the plain weave.'

There are several benefits of a basket weave fabric, including its flexibility, its cohesive basket-like look and versatility.

Interior decorators and homemakers can also benefit from the basket weave’s pliability, good drape and an interesting patterned visual finish. 

Basket weave is suitable for things like pillows, walls hangings and even blankets. 

Bedsure’s Bedspread features an attractive basket weave design giving it a textured and structured look. Overlapping rectangles give an impression of rhythm. Dotted lines inside squares create a texture that contrasts well with the smooth fabric inside the rectangles.

Made with 100% microfiber, this bedspread is soft, lightweight and cosy. 

Available in double and king size, this Bedsure bedding product can be used as a coverlet (for versatility in bedding), or bedspread (to help cover up the bottom of the bed or emphasize the fabric’s drape).

A satin weave is created through floating the warp or weft yarn over four or more of the opposite yarn, then passing it under one of the opposite yarns.

Satin is known for its softness and smoothness. Other benefits of a satin weave include a good drape and shiny luster. 

Bedsure’s Satin Pillowcases have the smoothness, softness and shininess of silk without the price tag. 

For interior decorators and homemakers, Bedsure’s Satin Pillowcases come in 17 different colours, so they can be easily matched with wallpaper, furniture and other interior décor elements. Colours range from jewel tones like raspberry and teal to neutral tones like grey and black.

For sleepers, these Bedsure pillowcases can help those with long hair or curly hair to maintain their hair style and avoid ‘bed head’ by reducing friction between the hair and the pillow. 

A pile weave is made by looping yarns then cutting them (as in velvet and other similar fabrics), leaving the loops or even rolling the sticking out yarns flat to create a 'crushed velvet effect' (as in velour).

Pile weave fabrics have a very soft or even plush feel. They are also very absorbent and insulating, making them good for autumn and winter.

For interior decorators and homemakers, pile fabrics can be used for a variety of apparel and home textile purposes. They are versatile, durable, lustrous, plush and resilient.

Bedsure’s Fleece blanket is made from soft 100% microfiber polyester. This makes it stain resistant and fade resistant.

The blanket has a medium level sheen and a single hue design, so it blends in well with furniture, flooring and wall paper designs.

Because of its design cosiness and versatility, it is well suited for use by interior decorators as well as families, couples and individuals.

Also called ‘honeycomb’, waffle weave warp and weft threads are interconnected and floated in a way that creates a regular pattern of geometric ridges and hollows in the fabric. This gives the fabric a '3D effect.' 

Though the surface of a waffle weave fabric is rougher than other weaves, like a plain weave, it has a decorative effect that is suitable for interior decoration. 

Other benefits of waffle weave fabric are that it is breathable and has good water absorbency. 

Bedsure’s Waffle Weave Blanket is made from durable, breathable and stretch-resistant cotton. This means the blanket can hold its shape better and is more resistant to tearing than stretchy fabrics. Families with kids can benefit from this Waffle Weave Blanket.

Interior decorators can use this Bedsure blanket to easily create texture.  

It can be used as decoration for a living room couch or sofa, kids play room prop, or a comfortable stand-alone blanket on mild days and as an extra layer on cold nights.

The waffle weave blanket is available in blue or dark grey, as well as single or double size.

For more information about Bedsure products in the UK, click here
About Bedsure 

Bedsure aims to make you and your family comfortable - from the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep. 
Founded in 2016, Bedsure has become a world-leading home textile manufacturer - selling products to more than 15 million satisfied customers across the UK, US, Canada, Europe and Japan. 
Currently, Bedsure has over 50 best-selling home products in eight countries and has maintained a compound growth rate of 100% for five consecutive years. 
While Bedsure has grown into a global company with diverse products to meet different customer needs, it has retained its focus on comfortable home products and ensuring everyday value.

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