Tambola game development company in India

Press Release: November 26, 2020

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Tambola game development company in India

The Tambola game also known as Housie or Bingo is one of the fastest-growing mobile games on the Android and iOS play stores with millions of onlineplayers.  With over 12 years of experience in developing games on high-end platforms such as unity3d, android studio, java, JavaScript, jQuery, etc., thecolourmoon is the best Tambola (Bingo and Housie) game development company in India.

At thecolourmoon, our game developers offer the best in class game developing techniques with ultramodern UX designs to create an amazingly unique user experience for the Tambola Game.  Thecolourmoongaming company does not compromise on the quality of the product and embeds high-end quality controls into the Tambola game for higher security measures and faster loading times.

Tambola is one of the most successful mobile games of 2020.  There are countless success stories of companies and individuals who own Tambola and Bingo apps on the google play store and iOS play store. 

Their revenues are in millions and mobile users' reach-out is massive.

Our experienced developers at Thecolourmoon will not only develop the best Tambola and Bingo cards games in the Indian mobile market but also will also help you in maintaining the scaling needs and other support requirements. 



What is the Tambola Mobile Game?


Tambola game is basically a synonym of the other worldwide popular games: Housie and Bingo.  This simply means they are almost similar with only a few differences.  Differences between Tambola and Hoare are mentioned in the next section; make sure to check them out too.

The Tambola game is a relaxing social game that is both fun and exciting for almost all age groups.  Whether the player is 90 years old or 9 years old, they are sure to enjoy the simplicity and engaging characteristics of the Tambola game.  It is extremely popular among all types of social circles and creates an amazing bond between players of different communities and even all age groups.

The Tambola game takes its initial roots from as far as the 1500s and even now has the same amount of popularity levels it had 500 years ago!

It started as a simple game with grid board and numbered chits been called out and now has grown into a crazy addiction with millions of players across the world.

With the advancement of technology, players no longer have to excessively spend on extra accessories such as pens, paper, boards, tickets, etc since all the aspects/features of the game are bundled on the Tambola mobile game platform. 

The best part is that there are no longer age-old constraints and limitations where people had to play with a limited number of people and mostly face-to-face.  Now players from all partsof the world can connect to each other and enjoy the Tambola game from their comforts of home, workplace, etc.


Tambola vs Housie vs Bingo.  What is the difference?


Tambola, Housie, and Bingo are all different names of the same game depending on the region it is played in.  Except for just a couple of variations. 

The name Tambola is very popular in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.  It is also played widely across Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, etc.

Some people also call Tambola the Indian Housie or Bingo.

Housie and Bingo are both direct synonyms.  The word Bingo is common in the US, Canada, and Europe while the word Housieis the common name in Australia and New Zealand.

Tambola, Housie, and Bingo games are all played with grid forms of cards that involve numbered balls been drawn and called out.


The Difference between Tambola Vs Housie and Bingo


The main difference between Tambola and Housie/Bingo is the following

  • Tambola is played with a 9x3 (column x row) grid and 90 balls.
  • 4 squares are blank while five squares already have pre-determined numbers.
  • This results in 15 numbers per card.
  • The player has to complete all the 5 blank squares from the drawn balls/chits/coupons.
  • Each game may have 3 winners. First to complete, then second and the last third.  Some Tambola games are all in with only one winner.

Bingo or Housie has a similar pattern with a few variations and they are:

  • Bingo is played with a 5x5 grid/matrix and 75 balls with sequential numbers.
  • The total slots in the grid are 25.
  • 24 slots are filled with random pre-determined numbers.
  • The centermost slot is left blank.
  • The player marks the empty slot with the random number that a host or system draws out and calls the number.
  • Once the block is complete or even if a single line is complete, the player shouts/confirms that it is bingo and wins the game.

As you can see these games are simple, fun, and a lot more engaging than traditional games.  It creates a strong bond among family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and multiple communities.  

These games are also known to improve cognitive stimulation and hand-eye coordination, which makes it perfect even for older people and very young kids.

Hence the crazy popularity among millions of mobile phone users.


Best Tambola, Bingo, and Housie Game Development Service India


Thecolourmoon is already listed on the top results on google for developing Tambola, Bingo, and Housie Games. 

This is a testament to our expertise and high-level service deliverance when it comes to developing the best games in the Indian market.

Our experience in developing and deploying top games with the best quality on android and iOS spans for more than a decade!

If you are planning to develop the best Tambola and Bingo mobile games in India and want to monetize on the flourishing and thriving gaming industry, look no further.

We at thecolourmoon are one of the top Game development companies in India and offer the best and most affordable Housie, Bingo, and Tambola game development solutions.  Our Software development offices are based in Telangana (Hyderabad) and Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam).

Thecolourmoon has a large and diverse team of extremely talented and experienced game developers.  We believe that our clients and their end-customer satisfaction takes priority when it comes to providing any type of game development services.


Why choose thecolourmoon developers for Tambola, Housie, and Bingo Games?


In a sophisticated and ever-evolving field such as game development, experience, and understanding the core elements of developing and deploying successful apps and software is the leading factor in creating the best games across the industry.

Our game development team are exceptionally trained and have an average experience of more than 5 years!

We cannot stress enough the importance of a talented and reliable game development staff to develop your Tambola and Bingo/Housie mobile games.

We develop UX friendly, eye-catching, and user engaging live Tambola and Bingo game scripts in 2D & 3D using the latest technologies.

The topmost elements such as graphics, quality, realism, presentation, crash-proof, etc require experienced individuals who have a certain amount of skillset and dedication to ensure that the end product is near to perfect and easily upgradeable and scalable in the future.

You can find all these services from thecolourmoon gaming company and lot more!!!


Top Features of Tambola, Bingo, and Housie Game Development by thecolourmoon


  • Our Live Tambola, Housie, and Bingo game developments include smart AI match features with quick turnarounds and constant game refresh capabilities.


  • To make the live Tambola and Bingo games more interesting there are two game modes:


  • Private game mode or public game mode, where the mobile player can decide whether they want to play with their contacts such as family and friends or other random players across the globe.


  • The live Tambola and Bingo games also have a unique social media integration feature that allows the player to send invites and message/chat with other players in the game.


  • Depending on the type of Tambola game you wish to develop, the winners can earn coins, which, is determinedby the number of wins or losses.


  • Tickets and coupons can be downloaded directly from the in-game application.


  • The ball numbers are randomized by an intelligent AI system and are unique and do not have the same pattern.


  • And a lot more customizable features according to your choice!!!


Tambola and Bingo mobile game development cost


Now comes the elephant in the room.  The most common question for the Tambola app is the game development cost.

To get a quick quote on Tambola mobile game development you can contact this number.  Or you can read ahead.

The cost for any game – mobile or PC mainly depends on how large you want to scale it… e.g., how many users you expect to download and use your Tambola game, security, and UX designs.  Other factors count too but they are minor when it comes to the overall Tambola and Bingo game development.




With experience that spans more than a decade, thecolourmoon has constantly delivered some of the best games and software products to their customers.  Our end-to-end solutions provide you with unique and superior services that will transform your imagination into an amazing and profit-generating Game App.

We have some of the best tools, resources, methodologies, latest technologies that have been perfected over the years.  These include 2d and 3d games that can be played on multiple platforms and earn you revenues from multiple sources.

Talk to our experts if you had a Tambola, Bingo, and Housie game idea to implement.  We develop games from conceptualization untilthe end product, Get end-to-end game design and Game development services from Colourmoon Technologies

Website: https://www.thecolourmoon.com
Email: info@thecolourmoon.com
Mobile : +91 8125505077,88,99

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