The Best Uber Clone Is On 30% Offer! Quickly Launch Your Taxi Booking Venture On A Competitive Market

Press Release: March 10, 2020

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The Best Uber Clone Is On 30% Offer! Quickly Launch Your Taxi Booking Venture On A Competitive Market

One third of people have a passion to start a business and very few people chase their passion no matter what. Starting a business is not that easy, you have to hold colossal of endurance and consistency to make a firm decision. Also in this evolving hectic business world, technological support is to be considered to sustain and explore globally. 

Surprisingly the one stop solution for all the on-demand business is Uber clone. Beyond the cab booking, it plays a major role in many other platforms like pharmacy, child care, alcohol, grocery and many others. That's why entrepreneurs prefer Uber concept for their startup compared to others. 

Gofer - The Best Uber Clone

Gofer - The on-demand Uber clone app is one of the reliable clone script in the marketplace and top selling script recently. Lets dig out deeper about the product called Gofer. 

Features Included In The Gofer 

In our taxi app clone, we have encompassed features like, 

Easy Management : Both the user and the driver can easily get connected to the Gofer app with social media or mail id. Eventually can manage their profile with their dashboard and check into their certainty with valid verifications. So it’s easier to connect with the service. 

Live Tracking : In the online booking platform, live tracking is obviously required and mandatory one. Considering the importance Gofer provides the better live tracking system for both the user and the driver and exhibit transparency. 

Multiple Payment : Secure online payment makes the trip super smooth. So multiple payment gateways like paypal, wallet are incorporated for online transactions. 

Manual Booking : Many people needs cab booking within a tap, but at some situations they couldn't book the ride through the app. So manual booking option is also encompassed to gravitate all kinds of audience. 

Estimated Fare And Time : Before booking itself the user could check the estimated amount that will be charged and their time of arrival is also displayed. So that the user could plan accordingly. 

Multiple Currency And Multiple Language : The app highly fits for globalization. Every kind of people can book the ride where you provide service, according to the needs of the user, the currency and the language can be switched. 

SMS Gateway : When you decide to send any updates to the drivers through SMS it can be easily broadcasted. We have included Twilio SMS gateway for communication. Beyond that in-app chat is also included to mask the details of the driver and the user. 

SOS : As the name indicates, when there is an emergency situation to contact help desk or to convey their insecurities to the police, the SOS options can be used. 

Heat Map: This option is for the admins. As it is location based networks, Gofer highlights the place where there are a large number of booking requests. Through this indication the admin can do arrange the cabs properly. 

Beyond these essential features, the Revenue Generating Features included are as follows

Promo Codes : Promo codes or referal codes are used to earn new customers, and for the valid referral the admin used to pay the users. Through this you can satisfy the existing customers and earn a new customer. 

Surge Pricing : When there is high demand of booking at the peak time, can charge additional charges. Such surge or peak pricing option for special charge is also included. 

What Gofer Provides :

Gofer our Uber clone taxi app script comes up with the 

  • An Android app - for user and the driver

  • An iOS App - for both user and the driver

  • An admin panel - with multiple access

  • A Company panel - separate dashboard

How Much Does Gofer Cost ?

The very common question many have in their mind is what would be the quotation for the script. To solve this Gofer comes up with three package as professional, professional plus and the entreprise. According to the package you choose the payment varies. Most probably you may charge 999$ to 2000$ (price may vary according to the choice) For customization we work in dollars per hour. 

But I guarantee that the amount you spend results in the quality aided script. For this on-demand taxi booking app script quotation feel free to contact the support team. 

How Long Does It Takes To Get The App In Live ?

When you have no requirement for customization then within two business days you can get into the market with all white label solutions. 

In case of customizations in the features and functionality then the time may extend and it depends on the customers requirements. 

Why Trioangle Technology ?

When there are a number of vendors in the marketplace, why Trioangle technology ? might be a worth question many have. 

  • We are a team of expert developers who could analyse your business and make the script accordingly. 

  • With the technical testing team, the script gets cross checked multiple times to avoid breaches or bugs. 

  • Complete support for the app submission, installation and other aids are offered at free of cost. 

  • Many ad-ons are provided at the script cost, where many vendors separately charge for the script.

  • Comparatively at affordable cost for the quality script. 

If you are interested to about Gofer, then feel free to reach us. Our team is always there to aid you out for the best Uber clone app.

Go ahead with our ready-made Uber clone and save your pocket with 30% Offer valid till 55th March 2020.

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