Three quarters of women lie about their weight and dress size

Press Release: February 19, 2010

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The average woman in the UK is a size 14, according to a recent study of 1,201 females yet 59% said they had told friends and colleagues they were one size slimmer than they actually were, whilst 1 in 3 regularly lie about their weight. Three quarters of women said theyd lied about their weight.

The anonymous research, commissioned by the UKs leading discount website, which provides discount voucher codes for fashion retailers including ASOS, Wallis, Quiz and more, found that just 12% of women had never lied about their size or weight.

When asked, What size are you?, the majority, 24%, of women said they were a size 14, whilst just 1 in 5 said they were a size 10 or under.

Here are the percentages of women with relation to their size:

Under Size 8 4%

Size 8 7%

Size 10 9%

Size 12 21%

Size 14 24%

Size 16 14%

Size 18 13%

Size 20+ - 8%

Of the 88% of women who had lied about their size and weight in the past, 53% said they lied about their size and weight because they were embarrassed, whilst a third had lied to a date or partner in a bid to impress them.

92% of women admitted that they had body concerns with regards to weight and size with 85% saying theyd like to lose weight. Of those who said they would like to lose weight, just 31% said they were exercising or eating healthier.

A third of women said they had clothes in their wardrobe that no longer fitted them that they hoped to fit into again in the future.

6% of those asked said they had told people their dress size in American sizes to make them sound slimmer.

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Mark Pearson, Managing Director of had the following to say,

Weight is always a tricky subject, being such a personal issue to many.

The fact that just 12% hadnt lied about their weight or size is indicative of just how big an issue it is to people. Its also interesting to note that so many women say theyd like to lose weight, yet just a third are doing anything about it.



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