Why has the demand for AWS certification and its course has increased so rapidly?

Press Release: February 08, 2021

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Why has the demand for AWS certification and its course has increased so rapidly?
Yes, demand for AWS certification and AWS courses has indeed increased a lot in recent times. But, it is just a reaction to an action. The real action is the increase in demand for cloud computing, along with network and security. 
Look around you, everything has come to an online platform, even we save our passwords and PINs online nowadays, which are the most sensitive data. 
Therefore, the need for a trustworthy and secure storage platform came up as a necessity leading to rise in AWS cloud computing and security demand. 

The Stand of AWS Certification in IT Industry

AWS certifications are skill validating certifications that are offered by Amazon Web Services and its parent company, Amazon.com. However, the exam is conducted by Pearson Vue. 
AWS is a provider of cloud computing and APIs to different organizations including government and even individuals. It works on the rent system, in other words, pay-for-what-you-use method, where AWS allows the organizations to use their servers and infrastructures for their cloud computing actions and pay rent money to AWS.
The services offered by AWS are huge in range and help the organizations with their data storage and security, including site traffic management or Load Balancing.
Their huge range of services with cost-cutting nature made AWS famous in the IT industry and spread widely across the world. Which eventually lead to an increase in need of professionals to manage and maintain the AWS products and services for the organizations. And obviously, organizations needed well-trained people with high-skilled professions. This is where training courses come in the picture. 
The demand for AWS, AWS certified professionals and AWS training courses work on the directly proportional method.

Easy Course Design to help in AWS certification

No certification is easy to grab, and this is also applied with the AWS certifications. 
Institutes have instructors and extremely experienced professionals to create a blueprint of chronological study patterns for the best understanding and clearing the concepts.
The availability of virtual labs providing a real-time project like environment to have a hands-on experience adds the cherry on the cake.
In this way, organizations are able to get their desired employees with hands-on experience and are well aware of troubleshooting methods even if he/she is a fresher. 
The courses are designed in a particular manner for each certification for the precise and productive study of concepts. They focus on the computing, managing, troubleshooting, installation of AWS products, and many more.

Continues Updation in AWS certifications 

Technology depends completely on the updations happening around. With the new needs, there must be a new solution to satisfy the need. 
AWS completely understood the point from the very beginning and kept on developing and growing its certification levels and objectives according to their services. 
Adding new certifications and retiring the previous one for an updated version of technology helped the AWS certification to remain at the top. Meanwhile, with every update in the certification objective, training institutes try to match the pace of AWS, and somewhere they even succeed to deliver the most productive course to their candidates.
Since the AWS course providers are professionals, they manage to keep themself updated with changes happening in the AWS certifications.

Huge Range of Available Certifications and AWS Courses

AWS does not offer three or four certifications but there are numbers of domains and categories in which AWS offers certifications.
This wide range of certification fields allowed the candidates to choose according to their field of interest, which led to the popularity of the AWS course training among the employees.
The certification includes core technical certification with three-levels along with three domains and some certifications in the specialty category. 
  •  Cloud practitioner - Advanced Networking
  •  Solution Architect Associate - Security
  •  Solution Architect Professional - Machine Learning
  •  SysOps Administrator associate - Alexa skill builder
  •  Developer associate - Database
  •  DevOps Engineer professional - Data analytics

AWS and AWS courses in India

It all started when the set up of AWS was done by Bikram Singh Bedi in India back in 2016. The establishment leads to a hike in demand for cloud computing sources as people gradually understood all the perks of it.
However, it did not take much time for AWS to gain popularity and trust in Indian IT industry. As a result, soon the demand for AWS certified professionals also increased. Leading to different institutes offering the AWS certification courses. 
Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune are some of the leading cities that offer great AWS courses with hands-on training practices. Adding to this, there are several institutes for AWS training in Delhi that even offer online instructor-led certification training which one can be acquired easily at home. 
Another major reason for AWS’s success in India is its successful qualifying and satisfying the Standardization Testing and Quality Certification audit from the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This validated the authentication of AWS. 
While talking about the courses of AWS offered by Indian institutes, they focus on cores and hands-on experiences which is actually the foremost important thing. The quality of the AWS course and training will define the knowledge and skills of the individual. Hence, it is important to choose it wisely and research well before joining.

Salary holds after AWS courses and certification

AWS certification course and the title is capable to help you land on a highly reputed and paid job. Although, the ability to manage, configure, and troubleshoot skills developed during the course period still remains the priority for any employer and employee.
Below is the list of top salary package annually possible after AWS certification:-
1.    AWS SysOps Admin: on an average INR 4,50,000
2.    AWS Solution Architect: ranges from INR 3,00,00 to INR 17,00,000
3.    AWS Cloud Architect: ranges from INR 3,00,000 to INR 13,00,000
4.    AWS Developer: ranges from INR 3,00,00 to INR 13,00,00
5.    AWS DevOps Engineer: ranges from INR 3,30,000 to INR 9,70,000
6.    AWS Cloud Practitioner: INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,00,000
** These are roundoff and average figures, it may vary based on experience and knowledge.
The salaries of architects, being cloud or solution, can reach higher than what has been mentioned. Making it another reason why the demand for AWS certification courses has increased at this level. 
However, it is not important that only AWS certification can help you get a job easily. Adding experience in a relevant field would show your legibility brighter than others in any job application.

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